My name is Francesco and I was born in 1972. I play guitar since I was 14, when I bought my first electric guitar and attended musical lessons with great maestro Corrado Paonessa.

Near the end of secondary school, when I was seventeen, I found myself with a big question mark in mind: to attempt a musician career or to continue my studies ? The answer came from the fact I choosed to frequent university courses.

During next years, until the age of 24, I played and studied guitar many many hours per day. For all this time I've played with numerous friends and bands, approaching different musical genres from hard rock to heavy metal, from hc-punk to thrash and so on.

My soloist career began at the end of '90s, I was taking advantage in using powerful personal computers much more music-oriented than before, and produced all alone my first CD: the 6 tracks Order & Chaos EP was born on september 2000.

In the meanwhile, were the 2001s, I completed my studies and took the degree, a Laurea in Informatica. Then I got a full-time job... and (unluckily) the music changed...

After many years spent in doing other things but guitar, in 2006 I (luckily) re-started to play and compose music in my free time. Also, in the middle of 2008 I became a MIDI guitarist: my dream of about twenty years before finally came true.

Furthermore, this new century saw me more focused on progressive rock, jazz and fusion and while I constantly look forward at new styles (like nu-metal for example) I'm also researching, every day much more, for big masterpieces of past '70s, '80s and '90s.

Nowadays, when I'm through busy periods, soon as I can I play classical, acoustic or electric guitar for my pure personal taste of doing that... to make my fingers happy when they touch the neck and hit the strings to produce sounds...

After all, I didn't stop yet and so... frankygoes !!!

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